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Many decades ago, near what is now Meckling, South Dakota, stood a small town with a dance hall. People would come from miles around for good times and music, and if you ask some of the old-timers, they'd tell you a person might even be able to get a little moonshine if they knew who to ask. That town was called Jetley Park. Although the town is now dissolved and the foundations and streets have long since been lost to time, we named our band after that place and what it meant to the people who went there. Our hope is that our friends show up to our shows for the same reason people used to show up to that dance hall - good times, good music, and maybe just a little too much fun.

Meet the Band


The Teacher

Mary got her start in the entertainment industry as a theatre artist. She began teaching at the local high school following a career on the road with Discovery Mime Theatre. Her plucky signature bass tone is created by her active playing and long fingernails, but it is her powerful vocals and flair for performance that gain her the most attention. Quirky and positive, she brings her eclectic sense of style and humor to everything she does.


The Producer

Kevin started playing drums in grade school, and has been honing his craft ever since. He moved into the area to work as a TV producer, and has a hand in creating many music-related shows. His drumming style is defined by his versatile skill set and his impeccable musical instincts. The timbre of his voice adds just the right touch to many of the band's songs. Level-headed yet rebellious, his punk-rock heart pumps life and conscience into the band.


The Farmer

Zach grew up on a farm in the area, and spent his formative years as a classically trained musician, before developing a passion for rock in his teens that led him to pursue a more raw and primal sound. He spent many years making music on the east coast before returning home to farm. He plays many instruments, but is best known for his large and diverse vocal range. A true jack of all trades, his earthy and grounded demeanor hides an array of unexpected talents.

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